Ed Sheeran: Shape of You
James Is Bad at Blending In
Ed Sheeran: The A Team
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We're Big On Rom Coms Here
Ed Sheeran: Bad Habits
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Shaun Goldstein
Shaun Goldstein 16 timmar sedan
10 bucks it was trump
💚Georgia Haynie💙
💚Georgia Haynie💙 16 timmar sedan
Who’s here from the Niall Horan and Julia Michaels escape room video?😂
Xander Felargo
Xander Felargo 16 timmar sedan
So, did the seatbelt sign turn off or....
WriteOnTrack 16 timmar sedan
Never Stop!!! Let Steve Play!!!!!!!
movies enterprise
movies enterprise 16 timmar sedan
EMI’S WONDERLAND 16 timmar sedan
Little tip don’t watch this while eating food
Damian Wayne
Damian Wayne 16 timmar sedan
James is so cute lmao
Jordan A.
Jordan A. 16 timmar sedan
POV: ur here from that one tiktok
Nicole6789 16 timmar sedan
Yes deserves 1b views
Nicole6789 16 timmar sedan
This is the best flinch i've seen on here and everybody can agree probably because the other flinches here I see they are awkward and kinda tense and its weird and they act shy and it annoys me how they wont talk alot but nct is the opposite we aint shy they love talking especially mark johnny all of them and they are the cutest not awkward mostly so best flinch ! Another one pls love them💚
Ruan Rossato
Ruan Rossato 16 timmar sedan
I'm setting those jingles to be my phone ringtone
Johanna 2803
Johanna 2803 16 timmar sedan
He always looks so unsure after playing it is adorable. I love Steve, nay I love the whole crew.
mxdchix4lyfe 16 timmar sedan
Pink is sooo gorgeous! Like omg! And her voice!?! How is she so perfect!!?
Lidya Indira
Lidya Indira 16 timmar sedan
The scary thing is I’m watching this video exactly at 9 o’clock
Dramatic Khen
Dramatic Khen 16 timmar sedan
BTS collab with Bruno Finesse song 👇👇👇👇
Shirohana0w0 16 timmar sedan
Why is Arnold...Kinda adorable?
shaohua feng
shaohua feng 16 timmar sedan
Popular opinion: army is the luckiest fandom
Isabelle James
Isabelle James 16 timmar sedan
Don’t watch this while eating
Saniya Aggarwal
Saniya Aggarwal 16 timmar sedan
I recently started watching Dawson's Creek and Mom and am watching both of them simultaneously, so funny to stumble upon this interview!!
Johanna 2803
Johanna 2803 16 timmar sedan
this is what we all have been waiting for
Silya Elf
Silya Elf 16 timmar sedan
Let's be honest, is not the first time we watch this
Bumbie Boo
Bumbie Boo 16 timmar sedan
wow they can sing!
elisha 16 timmar sedan
3:25 poor Niall thoo
S 16 timmar sedan
When BTS are back in LA we need a part 2 carpool!
PRANEEL SHARMA 16 timmar sedan
The teacher asks zlatan if she can go to the washroom
Ace llama
Ace llama 16 timmar sedan
when you invent plays/theatre
Signe B
Signe B 17 timmar sedan
there should have been a camera just on nialls face
Shavonne Taylor
Shavonne Taylor 17 timmar sedan
*THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* SEXYTEEN.ME SEmost: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' SEmost: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #もムの猫ゲーム
Signe B
Signe B 17 timmar sedan
i've watched this so many times it's actually unhealthy
Dancing Fan
Dancing Fan 17 timmar sedan
Imagine stopping at a red light and finding Cardi B screaming Bodak Yellow at you
Ann Wag
Ann Wag 17 timmar sedan
Why did it take me 6 years to notice that at 5:29 liam is singing that high note with james
Andrea Rennels
Andrea Rennels 17 timmar sedan
Sooooo happy!!! I miss this gang!
Zac T
Zac T 17 timmar sedan
She’s actually quite a quirky personality- love it! Had no idea, not really seen her in any interviews. Enjoyed it x
Stephanie Oblitas
Stephanie Oblitas 17 timmar sedan
"flight 808" 😆
Nina Nouna
Nina Nouna 17 timmar sedan
All koren bandes act like this .
Meydalin Cervantes
Meydalin Cervantes 17 timmar sedan
Soy su fan
Débora Ruseler
Débora Ruseler 17 timmar sedan
#freebritney ❤
Isabela Rodrigues
Isabela Rodrigues 17 timmar sedan
Can someone pls tell me the name of the songs?
janet perez
janet perez 17 timmar sedan
Surprised people on here still like Arnold considering he was a governor that served on the republican side lol.
Maria King
Maria King 17 timmar sedan
*THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* SEXYTEEN.ME SEmost: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' SEmost: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #もムの猫ゲーム
Prakasa Studio Channel
Prakasa Studio Channel 17 timmar sedan
Siapa is so funny. I love her 🤩
Prakasa Studio Channel
Prakasa Studio Channel 17 timmar sedan
I mean : Sia is so funny.. (its becouse my stupid autotext) 😅)
Dabney Ross Jones
Dabney Ross Jones 17 timmar sedan
This is my favorite thing. It always makes me chuckle. My favorite one is what I called Steve's Opus!
Missy Beaumont
Missy Beaumont 17 timmar sedan
We always had spice girls groups at school
Adam Young
Adam Young 17 timmar sedan
If they had to pick 2 extra muppets to go with them it would be Ernie and Telly
Stephanie Fairfield
Stephanie Fairfield 17 timmar sedan
Such humble beginnings. I love it
Zac T
Zac T 17 timmar sedan
Melissa! Wth that was wicked 🤣
kai lover
kai lover 17 timmar sedan
He looks so hotttttttt
Ann Vackrinos
Ann Vackrinos 17 timmar sedan
Miss you all. Hurry back!
All in one
All in one 17 timmar sedan
That's what I am asking ~~~~ WHAT ARE THEY SIGNING 😡😡 IN KOREAN😬😬😬😠
-- 17 timmar sedan
Save these stories for your girlfriends, notice you can only hear women laughing lol
Agustina Otamendi
Agustina Otamendi 17 timmar sedan
me sigue pareciendo increible estoo
carla taylor
carla taylor 17 timmar sedan
Brian and Roger are even better. How is it possible? James and Adam are fantastic. James has a great voice
-- 17 timmar sedan
She’s a side talker lol
Crispy Cøøkie
Crispy Cøøkie 17 timmar sedan
Imagine having a normal carpool to the country and then you having 7 brothers and you being the only girl sibling and then the brothers say put on the song Parents: WWOOOOOO YESSS!!!! Brothers: MIC DROP MIC DROP HEY HEY HEY!!!!! Me: Yo what the heck has my mother created
Natural Reactions
Natural Reactions 17 timmar sedan
About to put out a reaction to this! I know I'm late, but oh well, come watch with us! :) Thanks!
Nina Nouna
Nina Nouna 17 timmar sedan
I Dany understand thé hipe about . Harry .BTS.emma Chamberlan.charly damimelio.
Thị ngọc hà Phạm
Thị ngọc hà Phạm 17 timmar sedan
May Core
May Core 17 timmar sedan
Lmao the subtitles
Si Ro
Si Ro 17 timmar sedan
botox party
rosa rodriguez
rosa rodriguez 17 timmar sedan
Daniel Lundahl
Daniel Lundahl 17 timmar sedan
Can we please get like a 20 minute segment that’s just an intro to the news next season? Thanks
ROUNAK DUTTA 17 timmar sedan
No one Charlie every second - "Ghuaah ...!"
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 17 timmar sedan
God dang Tom was 56 in this video and he still looks amazing like a 30 year old
Daniya Kouser
Daniya Kouser 17 timmar sedan
Jungkook's voice is soooo sooo damn perfect 💋💋💋💋
Cemre 17 timmar sedan
watching jungkook dance is like one of the most beautiful things in life
H 17 timmar sedan
No other show does this. Simply amazing
Dia H-D
Dia H-D 17 timmar sedan
Everyone is talking about 1D but why is no one talking about the "hello kevin"?
Adan Nunez
Adan Nunez 17 timmar sedan
The vivacious debt ganguly cure because oven optionally tremble circa a smiling beautician. violent, hurt singer
Erica Ari
Erica Ari 17 timmar sedan
Watching this video for the first time and as an Army is such an unforgettable experience , can't stop laughing , BTS really know how to bring smiles on our faces . Idk why I didn't like them before, I really regret the time left before I love them , BTS is the best thing happened in my life . Army Forever 💜
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina 17 timmar sedan
Musica legau tvgosata
Sophie Ruan
Sophie Ruan 17 timmar sedan
You all have to be a team go hide together
cy ta
cy ta 17 timmar sedan