Ed Sheeran Has a Special Gift for James

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

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James welcomes Ed Sheeran to Stage 56 and asks him about settling into life as a father. After, Ed tells James how he has come to stay at Courteney Cox's house whenever he's in Los Angeles, which has led to her Alexa sending lots of gimp masks to the house, including one Ed brings for James. And after he tells James how he has come to sponsor his favorite football club, Ipswich Town, Ed shares how he came to write his new hit single, "Bad Habits" which he's performing on TV for the first time.

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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden 29 dagar sedan
it's the extra padlock for me
me just me!
me just me! 14 dagar sedan
Pappa mochi i miss u 🥺🥺
Potato 01
Potato 01 21 dag sedan
9:02 But James said "evil-ution" there didn't he? When he talked about Eds new Song? Only I heard that? Ok O.o
S Lang
S Lang 26 dagar sedan
Love how you're now dropping your '"ts"
Searching for food On youtube
Searching for food On youtube 27 dagar sedan
Catherine Kennedy
Catherine Kennedy 28 dagar sedan
David Waterhouse
David Waterhouse 11 timmar sedan
Ed is brilliant gip mask brilliant...🤣🤣🤣☄️☄️☄️🌟🌟🌟
Ashray Sachan
Ashray Sachan 5 dagar sedan
I hate that mask , kinda gross
femmeFatale 9 dagar sedan
Ed looks super fresh🥲
Rebecca Hart
Rebecca Hart 10 dagar sedan
Amazing ❤️🌞😀💜💙🎤🎸🎹🌈
C B 15 dagar sedan
Please use non-plastic glitter, Ed! Fun idea though 😂✨ 🐠
Frankisoul 15 dagar sedan
That mask thing makes me feel uncomfortable no 🧢
Lio7Music 15 dagar sedan
Congratulations, Ed! :D
BLIИKS LOVE 18 dagar sedan
he literally looks so young like 18 im shook
Inclubus Gaming
Inclubus Gaming 18 dagar sedan
I think Ed should be a singer/stand-up comedian.
Halsey xxxo
Halsey xxxo 20 dagar sedan
This is the first time seeing Ed talking so freely and so much to be frank (not that it's a bad thing)
rosirus 20 dagar sedan
But we love the acoustic singles too!
Miss. SohaVersatile
Miss. SohaVersatile 21 dag sedan
Wait so you are telling me everytime ed goes to LA he stays at courtyes house ??? 🥺😍
Potato 01
Potato 01 21 dag sedan
9:02 But James said "evil-ution" there didn't he? When he talked about Eds new Song? Only I heard that? Ok O.o
Shay Almaj
Shay Almaj 19 dagar sedan
Perhaps it is all evil I mean look at the bloody lyrics and that damn mask
Harika malladi
Harika malladi 21 dag sedan
Am I literally the only person who thinks ed and liam payne sound SO FUCKING SIMILAR!!??? 💀💀 like- not just the accent tho the VOICE??
StephOT7 22 dagar sedan
We armies love you Ed💜😊
Natalie Johnstone
Natalie Johnstone 22 dagar sedan
I enjoyed the song but I didn't understand the video at all .. maybe I am just too old :) But kudos for him stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something new!!!
Mark Maliniak
Mark Maliniak 23 dagar sedan
God dam it - my Alexa picked that up ....really hoping .....
stupid oreo
stupid oreo 23 dagar sedan
Leah Yodico
Leah Yodico 23 dagar sedan
His new look is unrecognizable, but I love it.
Buddy Rocky
Buddy Rocky 23 dagar sedan
d43imoet 23 dagar sedan
This interview sounds very british (as it should!)
Aquib Ansari
Aquib Ansari 23 dagar sedan
Never seen him that happy
Dannie Yasui
Dannie Yasui 23 dagar sedan
The wistful plantation peripherally applaud because turkey scientifically judge an a open example. aggressive, vivacious sandra
Nidya Utami
Nidya Utami 24 dagar sedan
He reminds me of my cousin...🤣
MRELLINGWORTH2.0 Luke 24 dagar sedan
Ed seems a lot more confident on interviewing
Joy Kiseo
Joy Kiseo 24 dagar sedan
Kristine Angel Flores
Kristine Angel Flores 24 dagar sedan
Ed’s laugh is music
Great AQ
Great AQ 24 dagar sedan
Maybe bad habits is what ed sheeran really is . He jus didn't have the energy to hide it anymore
Samuel Jonathan
Samuel Jonathan 24 dagar sedan
The fact that James Corden listens and lets his guests speak without interrupting, is what makes him a great talk show host.
Samuel Jonathan
Samuel Jonathan 6 dagar sedan
@Katrina M I couldn't agree more ✌
Katrina M
Katrina M 6 dagar sedan
I think he is genuinely interested in his guests
AieshaAmala 24 dagar sedan
I'm glad he came out with a new song. I was thinking of when Ed and Adele is coming out with new music
MinXico Coreano
MinXico Coreano 25 dagar sedan
This a cool show❤️❤️❤️ I’ve subscribed!
mohammed ahmed
mohammed ahmed 25 dagar sedan
What a British gem…
Arthur Patombon
Arthur Patombon 25 dagar sedan
he look slimmer hes so appealing! very iconic!
sunshine S
sunshine S 25 dagar sedan
Johanne Dictor
Johanne Dictor 25 dagar sedan
No matter what you do it is fantastic!! Love you!!
Johanne Dictor
Johanne Dictor 25 dagar sedan
So funny!!
Johanne Dictor
Johanne Dictor 25 dagar sedan
I love ED!!
CineMadics 25 dagar sedan
I hate American talk shows they are just so so cringe
Dian Diaz
Dian Diaz 25 dagar sedan
K-Pop fan page Tube
K-Pop fan page Tube 25 dagar sedan
Ed congratulations being daddy 💕
Stuti Khadka
Stuti Khadka 25 dagar sedan
Why didn't I ever think that Ed Sheeran would be a dad one day and it felt strange when he said he is a dad now lol, happy for him!!!
Pyper Davidson
Pyper Davidson 25 dagar sedan
Hey Americans are starting to love international sports and if I had gotten the tracksuit I would’ve died
Rayén Aguilar Ojeda
Rayén Aguilar Ojeda 25 dagar sedan
La risa de Ed es lo más tierno que hay 🥰
Dan Hunter
Dan Hunter 25 dagar sedan
Does Ed realize that he said that out loud so all our Alexa's tried to order that? :D
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly 25 dagar sedan
Love these two together. Ed Sheeran is so talented :)
Manisha Mishra
Manisha Mishra 25 dagar sedan
In that album he reminds me of David Bowie.
Dhruv Singh
Dhruv Singh 25 dagar sedan
8:47 🤣
Marissa Christian
Marissa Christian 26 dagar sedan
His American accent is stunningggg
Turid Adele Gaupseth
Turid Adele Gaupseth 26 dagar sedan
He is amazing
sophia campos
sophia campos 26 dagar sedan
Please put the glasses back on
Shravani K.
Shravani K. 26 dagar sedan
can Ed adopt me and sing me to sleep and stuff
Marahuyo Legacy
Marahuyo Legacy 26 dagar sedan
Ed looks younger these days. Family time might have fit him ❤.
abel permana
abel permana 26 dagar sedan
i think for me: im sorry that line is reserved for taylor swift
181Becky 26 dagar sedan
More brainwashing propaganda disguised as "comedy" to normalize their disgusting fetish masks, aka satanic kill masks, which they use in their disgusting satanic rituals. It's not funny, it's not normal! Ed Sheeran went way dark. The talk shows all promote it. They're all in on it. This is so sick.
OTM123 • 12 years ago
OTM123 • 12 years ago 25 dagar sedan
Bloody hell...
Casey B
Casey B 26 dagar sedan
I wonder how many times Jimmy Fallon would’ve interrupted Ed’s awesome stories.
Caroline Villamayor
Caroline Villamayor 26 dagar sedan
Ed oppa Te amamos mt
Lidia Poczkajska
Lidia Poczkajska 26 dagar sedan
I love them both 🧡
Valerie Oneil
Valerie Oneil 26 dagar sedan
I’m American Irish descent and love euro football😎
Akasha Whiteley
Akasha Whiteley 26 dagar sedan
Ed sheerans laugh is amazing
Valerie Oneil
Valerie Oneil 26 dagar sedan
Hahaha!!! 😂
Rimjhim Singh
Rimjhim Singh 26 dagar sedan
5:04 his laugh ❤️❤️
Kayla Wutzke
Kayla Wutzke 26 dagar sedan
I’d really like to see the performance!
Kayla Wutzke
Kayla Wutzke 26 dagar sedan
Ed, you’re my favorite singer, and one of my favorite people! Please explore and add the new styles that make you happy, while still including your roots. Watching you entertain an entire crowd by yourself, giving a whole concert by yourself, was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. I’ve told many people about it and it’s one of the wonderful things that makes you unique! I would happily go to that concert over and over again!
uwu 26 dagar sedan
ed is getting younger each day
GALAXY NOVA 26 dagar sedan
Dont be shy.........
Annabelle Grace Pierce
Annabelle Grace Pierce 26 dagar sedan
His feet. Ed is like a little kid. 😂
Funky Chips
Funky Chips 26 dagar sedan
why Ed looks like a giant baby😂
Amane Kabbaj
Amane Kabbaj 26 dagar sedan
I love this song! It’s a new disco tune.
Sergio leiva
Sergio leiva 26 dagar sedan
Peep the Pepsi Rolex 🔥🔥
Spartan 117-82
Spartan 117-82 26 dagar sedan
All I can see, is Smithy playing a talk show host.
Deepanshi 27 dagar sedan
Well, his daughter's name is lyra why subtitles are showing laura?🥴
Ella Vermey
Ella Vermey 27 dagar sedan
I had no i idear he had children
Tonya Howard
Tonya Howard 27 dagar sedan
Hilarious when he pulls up the mask and the padlock dangles over his face.
Geraldine Patriarca
Geraldine Patriarca 27 dagar sedan
the padlock will make you more secure and protected hahaha
Samia the BTS Army
Samia the BTS Army 27 dagar sedan
ED Sheeran Oppa
Anika Singh
Anika Singh 27 dagar sedan
Surprised by how accurately Ed imitates Alexa's voice
Avnish 27 dagar sedan
petition to put gimp masks on the merch store😂😂😂😂
Salubo Bryan
Salubo Bryan 27 dagar sedan
Aryen Targ
Aryen Targ 27 dagar sedan
Ah I hope for the day that female artists get these kind of questions during interviews. Talking about their art, not about their boyfriends and how they spend their vacations.
Sehar Bhat
Sehar Bhat 27 dagar sedan
is ed sheeran aging in reverse😳!
nessy ness
nessy ness 24 dagar sedan
Nah, that's just the power of losing weight and shaving. Specially shaving, men look like 10 years younger when they shave
rockykj 27 dagar sedan
I want to buy one of that :D
Lisbet Ascon
Lisbet Ascon 27 dagar sedan
hahaha 😂 so funny
scorpio hurley
scorpio hurley 27 dagar sedan
Ligia Silva
Ligia Silva 27 dagar sedan
Mahika Shakya
Mahika Shakya 27 dagar sedan
Reagan 27 dagar sedan
I can't believe Ed is a father... I still remember discovering him in highschool back in 2011. We're all getting old 😭
Sandro Kozlovski
Sandro Kozlovski 27 dagar sedan
ed sheeren couldn't look more average
Sanatha Nimis
Sanatha Nimis 27 dagar sedan
hi,am I allowed to be a bitch? Why did a superstar like he marry a bad-looking woman? Much love,anyway
Tanya 27 dagar sedan
5:00 black voldemort
Sandra 28 dagar sedan
I just love Ed‘s humour
Sigh~ 28 dagar sedan
Adorable ❤️
Hobi's preciouseu smile
Hobi's preciouseu smile 28 dagar sedan
Ed is such a sweet person💜💜💜💜💜
dont know why
dont know why 28 dagar sedan
he looks perfect to kidnap one direction
Jake Ansay
Jake Ansay 28 dagar sedan
this show is very british
LivB 28 dagar sedan
He was always charmig, not he is good looking too. So happy he got his life together!!
jacky mai
jacky mai 28 dagar sedan
The rapid stock medicinally coach because wrist aesthetically blush despite a glossy schedule. stormy, various hubcap
Aks KR
Aks KR 28 dagar sedan
Love so much Ed everywhere..😁🖤
Garima Singh
Garima Singh 28 dagar sedan
Godddd...ed laughs ...it's a song
Kunal Bakre
Kunal Bakre 28 dagar sedan
Yo, wasn't this dude at Wembley?
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