Chris Pratt Takes Over for Ian Karmel

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

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During the monologue, James has a question for Ian Karmel but when something is off with his answer James realizes it's Chris Pratt - despite "The Tomorrow War" star's insistence he's indeed Ian.

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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

SuperMisterKory 9 timmar sedan
James, please stop allowing this shit to happen on your show. It's not even funny. Just stick to interviewing people. It's way more entertaining!
Ethan Twink
Ethan Twink 6 dagar sedan
JC's fake drama is awesome 😂
Mother God of all Creation
Mother God of all Creation 8 dagar sedan
I subscribed to your show , dear James Corden !!
#save_cameron_heern_pardoncameron 14 dagar sedan
We demand a pardon for #Cameron Hearn،
#save_cameron_heern_pardoncameron 14 dagar sedan
The sentence is unfair for a boy under the age of 22 to be presented on a silver platter to murderers and thugs#Cameron Hearn
One Direction for life
One Direction for life 17 dagar sedan
james why are u soooo shy kidnap one direction and get them back
Luxsword29 18 dagar sedan
But what is Ian's middle name, then?
Siddharth P
Siddharth P 18 dagar sedan
soo loww comentss😂
romain nibas
romain nibas 20 dagar sedan
Wow ! George plays the piano very well ! 😁
Mess Greedweedy
Mess Greedweedy 21 dag sedan
Chris did a great Ian!! This format is boss!!
jo fro
jo fro 21 dag sedan
Democrates used the dominion machines to cheat and win the election. They also staged the Capital insurection on January 6. Watch for the truth. They have daily reports.
jo fro
jo fro 21 dag sedan
Democrates used the dominion machines to cheat and win the election. They also staged the Capital insurection on January 6. Watch for the truth. They have daily reports.Democrates used the dominion machines to cheat and win the election. They also staged the Capital insurection on January 6. Watch for the truth. They have daily reports.
Princess Mampane
Princess Mampane 21 dag sedan
well? is his middle name George?
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 21 dag sedan
Initially I thought the 'Jimmy C' was a reference to Jimmy Carr cause of the British connection 😂 🤷🏻‍♂️
Julia Campbell
Julia Campbell 21 dag sedan
Nailed it 😂
Darby CrasH
Darby CrasH 22 dagar sedan
Im not a big fan of the show to be honest, but I think James cordon would be perfect to star in a movie as Benny Hill. He was very funny, and an influential comedian in the 80's, and I think it would be a great story. Especially how he made millions laugh, and yet died alone...and no one noticed. Hey Jimmy, if you read this, make the movie! that's all I've got to say.
saltlakedood 22 dagar sedan
Hilarious, great stuff!
Mitch Biever
Mitch Biever 22 dagar sedan
He did it really good!
stephanie owens
stephanie owens 22 dagar sedan
Totally thought Chris Pratt was Ian!!! Oh and he's right, the movie is 🔥 and everyone will love it!! ❤️❤️❤️
stupid oreo
stupid oreo 23 dagar sedan
Abby Cross
Abby Cross 23 dagar sedan
I love Chris Pratt. Breaks my heart that Tomorrow War looks like a completely shit movie.
OKay 23 dagar sedan
It feels like they are trying to start a Jimmy Kimmel, Matt Damon feud...
Godwiin Leke
Godwiin Leke 23 dagar sedan
best impression i seen dayummm!
Miriam Strauss
Miriam Strauss 23 dagar sedan
*To those reading this - if anyone hasn’t told you yet today: Keep your head up! You’re doing a great job 🙌🏻*
rad mugi
rad mugi 24 dagar sedan
Chris’s Pratt with bold mustache have so much a strange appearance ,that approaching us on the street and taken waste money for gizmos.
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo 24 dagar sedan
When the LLS comes back from hiatus, Chris Pratt is going to play Nick Bernstein!
Valent Nikolas
Valent Nikolas 24 dagar sedan
We have Jimmy K., We have Jimmy F., now we have Jimmy C. IT'S COMPLETE!!!! WE HAVE JIMMY K.F.C.!!!
missy azi
missy azi 24 dagar sedan
Sometimes I do wonder if James really doesn’t know what’s going on😂
Jeanette Andersson
Jeanette Andersson 25 dagar sedan
OMFG!!! One of the TOP 3 MONOS EVER!!! Regretted that last sip of covfefe that ended up on the carpet!!!
Vlad Bogdan
Vlad Bogdan 25 dagar sedan
Jimmy C didn't catch that
Lorraine Scandia
Lorraine Scandia 25 dagar sedan
Winter Salas
Winter Salas 25 dagar sedan
I like to imagine that this isn't scripted...😁😂
GEORGIA Catherine Rozelle
GEORGIA Catherine Rozelle 25 dagar sedan
tequila is very good
hippimamma 25 dagar sedan
Oh My 🤡🤭 James I just love you and the boys.
Shaun Gaynor
Shaun Gaynor 25 dagar sedan
Fun video, great impression ruined by James. Stop the angry James bits. They were not and still aren't funny. There's no reason they couldn't do the exact same bit but James plays along with a smile on his face instead. There's so much more potential for comedy when we can laugh along with James. Instead we have a couple chuckles only despite James' overdone pretending to be an ass@#$%
M Wellman
M Wellman 25 dagar sedan
omg hes getting his mannerisms down
Victoria 25 dagar sedan
In my dreams I live a boring life sprinkled with chaos. It's more interesting than my real life...😔
John Edward Jones
John Edward Jones 26 dagar sedan
I'd go with tequila. Hilarious skit.
Fanney47 26 dagar sedan
Order 66
Order 66 26 dagar sedan
RIP to Conan and much respect to him but give Chris the slot now. This man needs his own show, big time!
Clark Waites
Clark Waites 26 dagar sedan
Christ!... This was like some awful SNL skit
Carl Yeates
Carl Yeates 26 dagar sedan
The Tomorrow World is amazing
Carl Yeates
Carl Yeates 26 dagar sedan
Fins up. look at the centurions head in the 70's
Alison Madden
Alison Madden 26 dagar sedan
Great impression tho
Dimsum Densum
Dimsum Densum 26 dagar sedan
Chris sort of sounds like Ian at times.
Joanne 26 dagar sedan
*We don't have time for this kind of foolishness* - Ha Ha - Why change now.
anushka agarwala
anushka agarwala 26 dagar sedan
omg this is so accurate
kathy bell
kathy bell 26 dagar sedan
A very funny bit! Great impersonations!
mahalomomma Blais
mahalomomma Blais 26 dagar sedan
Ian: "we're both sorry." 😂
Metal 1
Metal 1 26 dagar sedan
Pratt is spot on with Ian's voice 🤣
Deleaise Porter
Deleaise Porter 26 dagar sedan
Ian you’re hot!
asdf jkl:
asdf jkl: 26 dagar sedan
Two Ians. Pratt does a great Esssex accent (say commenters from that region). There's a video clip on YT
Shane Davis
Shane Davis 26 dagar sedan
Marisol the Clawen and Garucca fangirl
Marisol the Clawen and Garucca fangirl 26 dagar sedan
The video got me giggles.
Burny Izland
Burny Izland 26 dagar sedan
It's Josephine! Ian Josephine Karmel. Seriously though, great accent, I could barley tell.
Djo Fortunato
Djo Fortunato 26 dagar sedan
Effing Brilliant 👏
TheBeautyJag 26 dagar sedan
This bit is antisemitic lol
Felicity M
Felicity M 26 dagar sedan
He even sounded like Ian
gigi ́s little shop
gigi ́s little shop 26 dagar sedan
Oh,please! Give that MAN a show! He could be another Jimmy if he wants.
nonchalantd 26 dagar sedan
Ian reminds me of Cal in the Calzone.
Ethan Shalev
Ethan Shalev 26 dagar sedan
Awesome Ian impersonation!
Andrew Kaumba
Andrew Kaumba 26 dagar sedan
Guys I've figured it out: Ian and Chris are twins, Which makes Reggie their older brother. 😂
Godwiin Leke
Godwiin Leke 23 dagar sedan
and james their pops
Christen M
Christen M 26 dagar sedan
He got Ian to the tee!!!!!!!
James Smart
James Smart 15 dagar sedan
Hello friend how are you doing today
Gear5GoldRogue Dragslayer
Gear5GoldRogue Dragslayer 26 dagar sedan
I lost it when Chris replaced Reggie
Carla M
Carla M 26 dagar sedan
They're voices are a little similar lol
a.musicandcolor 26 dagar sedan
susan !!!
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival 26 dagar sedan
See, James, this is the sort of thing you just couldn't do if you didn't have an onscreen crew. So, going back to the old format doesn't even make sense. The logic eats itself. So, I think it's pretty clear, this is the format going forward. Good news, guys, I've convinced him! Hurray!
Venus Aurore
Venus Aurore 26 dagar sedan
😂😂😂😂😂 that's so funny!
Prettygirlcn5 26 dagar sedan
Aw but I would've loved to have seen Chris Pratt in a Reggie wig too! :D
Carina Scott
Carina Scott 25 dagar sedan
Probably didn’t want to do anything resembling black-face/hair…..which is wise.
Shieh'Ron Freeman
Shieh'Ron Freeman 26 dagar sedan
Is pratt really playing piano?
TravelWell 26 dagar sedan
I totally disagree about that dream theory. As someone who dreams in every stage of sleep and has the weirdest of dreams …. I’m sure a good nights sleep would stand me in better stead for dealing with stress and the challenges of life.
Charlette McRae
Charlette McRae 26 dagar sedan
Chris has the Ianisms down packed!😂
Johanna 2803
Johanna 2803 26 dagar sedan
Ian lost a whole lot of weight, congrats 👏👏👏
seri the bubble
seri the bubble 26 dagar sedan
That back look is same as Ians😍😍
Kaleigh Lin
Kaleigh Lin 26 dagar sedan
BURSTED OUT LAUGHING when Chris had to look at the notecard!
Tech M.N.O
Tech M.N.O 27 dagar sedan
The resemblance is REAL. Ian and Chris Pratt is AWESOME!
Jaime Antonio Mangune
Jaime Antonio Mangune 27 dagar sedan
Peter Quill with that mustache 😂👍🏻
Scoutadelic 27 dagar sedan
Forget Ed Sheeran Week, have Chris Pratt on all week. That would be hilarious :)
J.G. Hermanson
J.G. Hermanson 27 dagar sedan
i would love to take Susan on a date during summer for susan
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 27 dagar sedan
Chris as Reggie is soemthing I never knew I needed.
Winter Salas
Winter Salas 27 dagar sedan
LOVED the Reggie twist...😂😂Totally did NOT see that coming...🤣🤣
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 27 dagar sedan
Tbh I couldn’t see the difference. They do look super similar.
Mary Kate R.
Mary Kate R. 27 dagar sedan
Wow. REAL Ian looks HOT!!
Noe Tolentino
Noe Tolentino 27 dagar sedan
James once said in a monologue that he wanted to be best buddies with Chris Pratt for the longest time.
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 27 dagar sedan
Wait, I thought the sidekick was Chris Pine this whole time. What the hell?!
Edward Kinsey
Edward Kinsey 27 dagar sedan
Chris Pratt is the best. But you just need a raptor to turn him into Owen and he will get serious
Li Mel
Li Mel 27 dagar sedan
Defo twins 😂👯‍♂️
Supreme 27 dagar sedan
Chris > ian
Sam Lowry
Sam Lowry 27 dagar sedan
Chris gave himself away because he wasn't nodding like muppet every time he spoke. :-)
Dayah99 27 dagar sedan
"This is late night and it's serious" Me: *wheeze *
Nailah 27 dagar sedan
Ian is looking so healthy
Pseudonymous 27 dagar sedan
man, i was expecting for "ian" to prove that he's not chris pratt by calling "the real chris pratt" to come on out to the stage, only to finnd out its reggie watts disguising/pretending to be chris pratt. and then the bit continue with someone else, like for example nick bernstein disguised as reggie, and then louis as nick, and then susan as louis, until at the end we loop back around to the actual ian karmel, who was actually there all this time pretending to be susan.
Nick Broomhall
Nick Broomhall 26 dagar sedan
They did this in Family Guy
Connagh stokes
Connagh stokes 26 dagar sedan
Hahaha that was worth reading I agree 🤣😭
Jessica Viana
Jessica Viana 27 dagar sedan
I love Susan 😂
Peter Daniel
Peter Daniel 27 dagar sedan
he's so talented damn, this whole impersonate is so on point LOL
꧁Galactus꧂ 27 dagar sedan
Tomorrow War is a bad ass movie.
Mister Little
Mister Little 27 dagar sedan
The one thing that could’ve improved this scene: Crisp Rat singing F*ck S*it stack
agussetyawan Kollo
agussetyawan Kollo 27 dagar sedan
Prattttt 🤙
JohnL311 27 dagar sedan
Ian is dope. I met him at a Halloween party in Portland years ago and got his comedy album
Amirol_XI 27 dagar sedan
Holy shit I literally thought about this a few days ago while watching Graham Norton. And I thought you know what Chris Pratt will just slot right in with the rest of late late crew. And then this happen. What are the chances
Megan Herrera
Megan Herrera 27 dagar sedan
I love angry James 🙂❤
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