Side Effects May Include w/ Ed Sheeran

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

29 dagar sedan

James offers Ed Sheeran a chair at the long desk for the two of them to tackle the side effects of things like being in love with the shape of you, being underdressed next to Beyonce and thinking out loud.

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Sarah c
Sarah c 2 dagar sedan
The miniature salary untypically knot because server progressively move concerning a disagreeable armenian. belligerent, lavish employee
Luthien S
Luthien S 5 dagar sedan
I dare Ed Sheeran to be on camera for more than 60 seconds and not smile. Because he can't not do it!
Lucky Rathore
Lucky Rathore 13 dagar sedan
Standing right next to beyonce is already everything why would uh even think about your dress ❤️😀
344 David C. Lalnelawma
344 David C. Lalnelawma 19 dagar sedan
Even if they dress as nicely as possible, most people would still look under dressed next to Beyoncé (did I spell it right?)
Lucky Rathore
Lucky Rathore 13 dagar sedan
James Vaughan
James Vaughan 19 dagar sedan
That desk is ridiculously unnecessarily large
James Vaughan
James Vaughan 19 dagar sedan
That desk is ridiculously unnecessarily large
Rebecca Hart
Rebecca Hart 19 dagar sedan
This was awesome great💙💜❤️😂😂😂😂
Rojin Khan
Rojin Khan 21 dag sedan
Damn 😹😹
Rojin Khan
Rojin Khan 21 dag sedan
Ed : yeah yeah 100%
Charlotte Rousselot
Charlotte Rousselot 22 dagar sedan
Two months is really going to be long 😓
Marilis Zentgraf
Marilis Zentgraf 22 dagar sedan
i love him
Nadia Islam Bristy
Nadia Islam Bristy 22 dagar sedan
Is Ed just ageing backward?!!!
michael kurland
michael kurland 22 dagar sedan
I thought Jb was James best friend
hazemoru 22 dagar sedan
Hahaha I doesn’t fit the ding but is important
stupid oreo
stupid oreo 23 dagar sedan
Avnie Gupta
Avnie Gupta 23 dagar sedan
2:18 James saying “obviously” ahhh! Any directioners???
Cassie Rybka
Cassie Rybka 24 dagar sedan
SERIOUSLY??? A vaccine comment??? For shame.
Ligia Silva
Ligia Silva 24 dagar sedan
Ligia Silva
Ligia Silva 24 dagar sedan
Juan S. Gamero
Juan S. Gamero 24 dagar sedan
Ed saying "Folloi my lead" will be in my mind for a long time
Juan S. Gamero
Juan S. Gamero 24 dagar sedan
I just love them together, they have such a great energy to watch, just hope some day I'm friends with both of them
nessy ness
nessy ness 24 dagar sedan
I started watching this video and my first thought was " wtf are they doing wearing a long sleeve? I am here melting ans considering taking a swim at the beach at 1 am and they are wearing a freaking sweater and a suit"...then i realized i am in the southeast side of spain and that if i was instead in the north part of the country ( my mother's family village in asturias, to be exact) , it would be cold enough to sleep with blankets during night and that the weather in the british islands is very similar to that( bit colder in some areas) for what i have experienced. So yeah, lucky them, i want weather for long sleeves too.
Lightning Encounters
Lightning Encounters 24 dagar sedan
Ed during the shape of you one was a mood
Aemon Goth
Aemon Goth 24 dagar sedan
I don't really see why people would talk about that entire cultural expectations from men and women thing with regards to Ed and Beyonce being dressed differently. I mean there's plenty of female artists out there who aren't dressing as extravagantly as Beyonce and they're still doing just great. Both Beyonce and Ed wore what they felt comfortable in. Stop making an issue out of everything jeez
Shurland SDK
Shurland SDK 25 dagar sedan
🤣🤣🤣this is hilarious
Yashita 25 dagar sedan
He's just so great ☺️
Zaayonik 25 dagar sedan
The thinking out loud looked like the Thomas engine show in the 1990s lmao
Tina Bose
Tina Bose 25 dagar sedan
JAMES:(1:46)-"In the whole wide world" MY MIND- "Find another one 'cause she belongs to me." Oi oi ....Any Directioners here ...:) Crying in a cool way 🙃🥺.
Tina Bose
Tina Bose 6 dagar sedan
@swara p.l." we are really funny "
swara p.l.
swara p.l. 6 dagar sedan
@Tina Bose oi oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😂😂🔥🔥🔥
Tina Bose
Tina Bose 7 dagar sedan
@swara p.l. oi oiii
swara p.l.
swara p.l. 21 dag sedan
oi oiiiii
swara p.l.
swara p.l. 21 dag sedan
heyyy directioners!!!!!!!!!
Stefaria 25 dagar sedan
*waits for CC to be added to these vides even if they are a few days old. :/*
GALAXY NOVA 25 dagar sedan
Dont be shy👀.......
not_lena 25 dagar sedan
the last time i saw side effects may include was with hazza 😩😩
Hemant Gosavi
Hemant Gosavi 25 dagar sedan
Okay, this was not very funny tbh. An interview with Ed would be funnier.
Alvaro Gonzalez
Alvaro Gonzalez 25 dagar sedan
Lets be real, we were all thinking of Harry
Bhavnish Dhiman
Bhavnish Dhiman 26 dagar sedan
I think that you should not kidnap One Direction but make them reunite politely. The One Direction should be reunited not all people are happy with their separation and around 20 per cent of people in the whole world follow one direction and about 40 per cent people want then to reunite. James Corden, we want One Direction to reunite in your show Thank you and I am hoping you take appropriate actions. If Zayn didn't leave the band then one direction would be no . 1 and most successful band in the world .
Maira Thorn
Maira Thorn 26 dagar sedan
*LOL* you guys
Cantrona 26 dagar sedan
seriously that vaccination bit in shape of you had me howling! hilarious
Tony Callen
Tony Callen 26 dagar sedan
Help me out here..tuesday he was sitting next to David Beckham at Wembley and now - Friday - he is live on the Peter Crouch he a friggin' time traveller or were the Corden bits recorded?
Ana-Maria Nehrkorn
Ana-Maria Nehrkorn 26 dagar sedan
The lord of the Rings
Ana-Maria Nehrkorn
Ana-Maria Nehrkorn 24 dagar sedan
Good is a women
Ana-Maria Nehrkorn
Ana-Maria Nehrkorn 26 dagar sedan
J von the Blocker
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson 26 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ is our lord and savior! Repent for your sins! God loves you unconditionally! John 3:16 repent!
Roney 26 dagar sedan
Ed ❤❤❤👌
Javi del Val
Javi del Val 26 dagar sedan
bruh ed was dying inside doing this shxt lmfao they gotta drop this bit ASAP
it's raining cats and dogs
it's raining cats and dogs 26 dagar sedan
I know people who got very sick after the 2nd jab... and they were Totally fine before!!
Nicole Krueger
Nicole Krueger 26 dagar sedan
This Weasley guy sure can sing AND be funny
Sunflower28 26 dagar sedan
James couldn’t get Harold Styles on the show so he asked Ed instead 😭👏💜
Sunflower28 23 dagar sedan
@Karen Carrillo omg yes!
Karen Carrillo
Karen Carrillo 23 dagar sedan
Imagine Ed and Harry in the show at the same time. Just amazing
Nana L
Nana L 26 dagar sedan
my favourite humas
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 27 dagar sedan
He just looks like the kid you’d think is nice at school like look at him, he’s loving life
Emily 27 dagar sedan
When they really thought out loud 😭😭😭
Anime Tsuki
Anime Tsuki 27 dagar sedan
There were so many unintentional ・・・ jokes in this video. My gawd💀 (I think they were unintentional).
Lisa Love
Lisa Love 27 dagar sedan
There are only 2 men that I would love to see on the Late Late Show on a permanent basis supporting James....Harry Styles and Ed! They are both awesome and they KILLED IT! Love you Ed.....Welcome back!
Miriam Vitoria da silva
Miriam Vitoria da silva 27 dagar sedan
Tudo pra mim
Patty Kweram
Patty Kweram 27 dagar sedan
Ed is really good at this.
martin johnstone
martin johnstone 27 dagar sedan
Dear Late Late show, you're going to have to admit the magic of television. You picked the wrong week to record. There's no way James would be able to keep quiet after England beat Germany BUT Ed Sheeran sat next to David Beckham during the match. You're going to have to cave. It's okay. I'm sure Hagar can save you. Or "eating live cats for dinner" type stuff. Faithfully, someone who has to watch on SEmost. For a while. I'll be home soon and...
Simke sims
Simke sims 27 dagar sedan
HE HAS A DAUGHTER ?! Omg, that is sooo cool! He'll be the best dad
corinna bevier
corinna bevier 27 dagar sedan
am i going crazy or is ed sheeran getting attractive?
iCeleb 27 dagar sedan
Hi Ed Sheeran! I love your music, man!
yi chen
yi chen 27 dagar sedan
Side effects of Irish granola bar included cracking my baby’s teeth!!’n gracias be aware 🤓
Lynne Engellenner
Lynne Engellenner 27 dagar sedan
The name Bradford just came to mind. If that is significant to anyone.
Kathy's Wanderlust Diaries
Kathy's Wanderlust Diaries 27 dagar sedan
LH 27 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite segments of the show!!! So happy that you brought it back :))
Amy Littlefield
Amy Littlefield 27 dagar sedan
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose 27 dagar sedan
Ed being "underdressed" next to Beyonce makes him the guy who deserves his fame the very most.
I don't care
I don't care 27 dagar sedan
"putting that body... On me"... That was something else.
Aecc 27 dagar sedan
I'm not into Ed's music so much, but I like him as a person. He seems nice & chill
Allison R
Allison R 27 dagar sedan
James whips out his super long desk especially for Ed
vlad bower1
vlad bower1 27 dagar sedan
When 4 of James' friends ask - "when are you going back on the cbs lot?" you know there's a problem with the show. Bc the #'s are low they think he is still in the garage. James "And I just go - soon with any luck." Bring the fans back. Fans want to watch studio audience. Nick "I'm feeling myself too much doing podcast. -Ed was great." Glad you admitted it. Still need to bring the fans back. James "That wasn't the question I asked you. I think we were talking about how much you were wanking but anyway." Louis was being completely serious about his 23 massages.
stephanie owens
stephanie owens 27 dagar sedan
Oh James and Ed!!! I love Ed Sheeran!! ❤️❤️
Emily Valentin
Emily Valentin 27 dagar sedan
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
a.musicandcolor 27 dagar sedan
when was late late sheeran filmed cuz seems he's in so many places at once now with his promo ?
usnim 27 dagar sedan
It's all pre-recorded. He's in England now
Ruby Joy Avaricio
Ruby Joy Avaricio 27 dagar sedan
Cool how Ed delivered the the side effects of his Shape of You 🤣🥰
Open House Party
Open House Party 27 dagar sedan
Be sure to catch Ed Sheeran on Open House party talking about his new single "Bad Habits", becoming a parent during the pandemic and how to stay creative with a 6-month-old daughter 👇
adslzr 27 dagar sedan
This is such a fun way to showcase an artist. Since Ed is an introvert, this experience increases his likelihood to relax and be comfortable while at the same allowing us to him more. He is such a chill and cool man.
cindyasters 27 dagar sedan
Not funny.
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 27 dagar sedan
Ed Should have his own Talk show
Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier 27 dagar sedan
The Video is really good and great and i love ed sheeran and i love Beyoncé
𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐈~𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐊 27 dagar sedan
James I love u 😩🤍
Samantha Melendez
Samantha Melendez 27 dagar sedan
Te adoro ed
sandra setin
sandra setin 27 dagar sedan
No one but James is the best! Ed is fun
Maria Kerr
Maria Kerr 27 dagar sedan
지훈 💜
지훈 💜 28 dagar sedan
مين هون عشان الاغنية تبع بتس مع ايد شيران 😂
Anita Hapsari
Anita Hapsari 28 dagar sedan
Ed Sheeran and James Corden!!! Life feels better already :))
WeeAun Sim
WeeAun Sim 28 dagar sedan
Pam R
Pam R 28 dagar sedan
ludzmaze 28 dagar sedan
Berta Griese
Berta Griese 28 dagar sedan
The redhead is not so bright as you girls all wish he’d be
SalKhayer 28 dagar sedan
Let Ed run one episode, and have James be the guest host. Ed has some comedy chops
nessy ness
nessy ness 24 dagar sedan
" doesn't fit in the song but it's important" i lost it there 🤣🤣
Amante DeVerde
Amante DeVerde 28 dagar sedan
Ed looks like my first cabbage patch kid. i cant stop staring.
Benzaiten 28 dagar sedan
it really seems like Ed, James and the crew are having fun! you could almost forget what a huge star Ed Sheeran is, he's just one of the dudes - love him!
육군 bts육군 bts
육군 bts육군 bts 28 dagar sedan
B T 28 dagar sedan
Who writes this stuff? Awful.
fordy 995
fordy 995 28 dagar sedan
How is Ed co-hosting this week but also at Wembley for the England v Germany game on Tuesday night? 🤔
Frizzle the Cat
Frizzle the Cat 27 dagar sedan
It's called "taping the show" beforehand. My hint for taped shows is Reggie's outfit (and James' but Reggie is more noticeable)
Alba Talie Phillips
Alba Talie Phillips 28 dagar sedan
The boat 😂😂😂
mesfin ketema
mesfin ketema 28 dagar sedan
Since the weeknd is your best friend can we get another collab because dark times was a good song
Spencer Coulon
Spencer Coulon 28 dagar sedan
The desk lmao
kqwio0p 28 dagar sedan
Papa mochi~~ Ed~~ we love u~~
Cambria Olsen
Cambria Olsen 28 dagar sedan
I have an awesome idea :} how about we stop promoting vaccines for once, and just be able to enjoy some "comedy" { if you're going to comment anti-vaxxer, i wouldn't even bother. I don't care about a stranger's opinion and neither should you
RubyTuesday 28 dagar sedan
Love Ed and James....Perfect!! Sorry for the pun!!! xx
Rosa Marks
Rosa Marks 28 dagar sedan
Pretty sure these ed sheeran bits were all filmed on the same day. James been wearing the same suit all week for continuity. Good on him😂😂😂
Ishwa Shehan
Ishwa Shehan 28 dagar sedan
It doesn't fit in the song but it's important. 🤣
Khaled Medjdoub
Khaled Medjdoub 28 dagar sedan
The most unproblematic man in show business
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