The Big Boss Nick Bernstein Reads Comments About Himself

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

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Given the newfound stardom of CBS Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) Nick Bernstein, we asked him to read some of the online comments about himself and his hair and then guess whether they were actually about him or pop superstar Nick Jonas.

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Julie Tracy
Julie Tracy 2 dagar sedan
We love you. Best late show and so excited to see you all back.
more editing
more editing 4 dagar sedan
Pls Kidnap One Direction🙏🙏
Trstn Clrk
Trstn Clrk 4 dagar sedan
You. Have. Fans.
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer 4 dagar sedan
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Metrosexual Witcher.
Adrini Widya Putri
Adrini Widya Putri 8 dagar sedan
james allred
james allred 8 dagar sedan
Nick Bernstein is the man!!
Matthew Burgess
Matthew Burgess 8 dagar sedan
I am definitely a Nick Bernstein fan! The more uncomfortable he gets, the more a fan I am 😊
David 8 dagar sedan
Nick is GREAT!
alittlegreenjean 9 dagar sedan
i'm a nick fan. he's a cutie. i like his uneasy laughs.
asdf jkl:
asdf jkl: 9 dagar sedan
The Bernstein cult continues to grow, haha. This is so random.
LilysEyes24 9 dagar sedan
I love how humble and down-to-earth Nick, the big cheese, is. Thank you Nick for tagging along with your crazy gang and hey LLS please keep the camera and the light on him after the summer break! 😏😏
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain 9 dagar sedan
0:24 - holy balls, I just shared 5 seconds of screentime with Nick Effin’ Bernstein!!! I can finally die happy.
Jude Jane
Jude Jane 8 dagar sedan
So jealous!!!!!😩
M Wellman
M Wellman 10 dagar sedan
Love nick
Bob Sapey
Bob Sapey 10 dagar sedan
Here in the UK it was hard to know if James was going too far, so it was good when you took your mask off and I could see you were smiling.
Peter Newman
Peter Newman 10 dagar sedan
Well done Nick.
mina 10 dagar sedan
Does anyone know when the show will be back? 😭
David 8 dagar sedan
Richard Frankel
Richard Frankel 10 dagar sedan
Hey nick, if you spell FALLON backwards it spells No Llaf. Doesn’t that describe the Tonight Show !
MeToo84 10 dagar sedan
I'm a fan of Nick
MAIA makes
MAIA makes 10 dagar sedan
punk iest
punk iest 10 dagar sedan
Huge Nick Bernstein fan!
orsireads 10 dagar sedan
Love the whole gang and miss them so much!!🥲
BLAMS 4Life 10 dagar sedan
INDEED you have fans Nick and I'm one of them.
Quinnton Daerden
Quinnton Daerden 11 dagar sedan
Tammylee McWrenn
Tammylee McWrenn 11 dagar sedan
Much love
monkeytude 11 dagar sedan
Should we call ourselves executive admirers of Nick B if he's determined we're not fans?
Kim Spa
Kim Spa 11 dagar sedan
Possible to host BTS in your wonderful program please
Abongile Dibi
Abongile Dibi 11 dagar sedan
Follow Howdow37 on TikTok
Cotey Ventura
Cotey Ventura 11 dagar sedan
As a member of the SEmost community watching the late late show and loving every bit of it, I fully understand the irony when I say: I am a fan of Nick Bernstein
turtlesking123 notthetortoise
turtlesking123 notthetortoise 11 dagar sedan
that last line had me laughing
xothenaa parraga
xothenaa parraga 11 dagar sedan
THE BEST THING THAT KEEPS HAPPENING IS “FINS UP BABY!” i say it to my husband every time james says it and i get laughed at but i can’t get enough of the saying lol. the SHIRT that was made needs to be sold everywhere!!!
xothenaa parraga
xothenaa parraga 11 dagar sedan
love you nick, but even Tom is funnier then you!
Anne Drury
Anne Drury 12 dagar sedan
Nick your so humble, dude you have FANS 🙋‍♀️
Pauleen Wardale
Pauleen Wardale 12 dagar sedan
Best show , so damn funny, love the crew chats, from Australia
Leon Rebolledo
Leon Rebolledo 12 dagar sedan
Way to own it Bernstein....I think the best part in general about the show, is the authenticity and dynamism of everyone in the show...that includes you. Well done.
vlad bower1
vlad bower1 12 dagar sedan
This dumpster fire needs to be put back where he was. This is embarrassing and the numbers for this show are not close to what they were He's a greedy, cheap creep who only cares about playing the film crew to save himself money - and demand screen time. Even Ellen has tv's of fans on the show and an automatic applause from upstairs. Nick is trying to degrade this show to ferguson's - it won't work but it's - sad.
Robin Baich
Robin Baich 12 dagar sedan
Nick knows he's got fans. He just doesn't want to look like an egotist. Classy move.
Mae Blue
Mae Blue 12 dagar sedan
nick > james
T Cully
T Cully 12 dagar sedan
I’m a fan. I wish my bosses were such good sports.
Rebecca Morgan
Rebecca Morgan 12 dagar sedan
Yes, Nick, you do have fans!
Will Carter
Will Carter 12 dagar sedan
NICK BERNSTEIN 2024! Nick Bernstein to host The Late Late Show in 2024!
Lynda M
Lynda M 12 dagar sedan
You do have fans. I’m a 72 yr old grandma and I LOVE your mature reactions to all the teasing you get. You are Great !
Jill Van Wormer
Jill Van Wormer 12 dagar sedan
You're a good sport, Nick Bernstein! Having you on camera has been a great addition to a great show!
Alex Canada
Alex Canada 12 dagar sedan
I bet more people know your name than any other network VP. You do have fans. You are loved. It shows a lot about your character that you are so humble.
MadGamer HD
MadGamer HD 12 dagar sedan
You guys should try get stevewilldoit on your show please
Xavier Robinson
Xavier Robinson 12 dagar sedan
I think to convince him he has fans, there needs to be a collective noun. I’d like to propose Bern-Stans.
Kevin Christopher
Kevin Christopher 13 dagar sedan
Is he gay?
julia brown
julia brown 13 dagar sedan
julia brown
julia brown 13 dagar sedan
I’m a fan of the Bernstein
cook and sing with nivi
cook and sing with nivi 13 dagar sedan
James we love you please try to bring 1 direction again togather for a reunion 🥺🥺
Kard Meksa
Kard Meksa 13 dagar sedan
The international Nick Bernstein fanclub with fans from Asia, Europe, Africa, South and North America say hi to our hero Nick! 🤗
miryana hill
miryana hill 13 dagar sedan
I keep checking and checking hoping that summer break is over and you guys are back and yay 🤗 You we’re there! Please don’t change this format. You guys are the only ones I truly love and you are my happy place. I used to watch Fallon et all…and dropped them all, because in all honesty, they weren’t funny 🤷‍♀️. All my husband hears every morning with our cups of Java is me laughing at my computer screen because of you all! ❤️
Pete Barber
Pete Barber 13 dagar sedan
you are so lovable
Cristina F
Cristina F 13 dagar sedan
We need a “Summer of Susan” digital update!
Ellen from Oregon
Ellen from Oregon 13 dagar sedan
Keep the covid format including yourself
goodmorninggil w
goodmorninggil w 13 dagar sedan
Yo man, I don’t even have to see the data. I am a Nick Bernstein man 100%. I am behind you Nick brother, if only because you are a quiet intellectual, and plus you have fucking amazing hair😂Seriously though, I like nicks chillness, and I stand by the man
Smithy Captain
Smithy Captain 13 dagar sedan
Please would people consider taking 1 minute of their time reading this reddit post:
Maria Eugenia Larra
Maria Eugenia Larra 13 dagar sedan
This is so awesome hahah
Dermatillomaniac 13 dagar sedan
Dude, ya got can't deny it! Loved seeing him come out of his shell more each week 😜
Mar G
Mar G 13 dagar sedan
I enjoy this! You do have fans, Nick! Now can we get a collage of Steve's new jingles? That would be great! :)
Sensei Rajpol. L
Sensei Rajpol. L 13 dagar sedan
Please we need one direction reunion😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sensei Rajpol. L
Sensei Rajpol. L 13 dagar sedan
Sensei Rajpol. L
Sensei Rajpol. L 13 dagar sedan
One direction reunion
R K 13 dagar sedan
francesca 13 dagar sedan
you do have fans mr bernstein, and we really appreciate you!
oNuKuBo 13 dagar sedan
I'm already your fan!
OTFStudios 13 dagar sedan
Yes! Do a "fins up" one with Pete!! Or Cribs with Pete to see his closet of shirts. So much potential
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 13 dagar sedan
We love you, Nick!
Lynn Reese
Lynn Reese 13 dagar sedan
He is such a charmingly humble person. That was a treat to watch him read comments and recognize people find him exceptional. Nice job everyone!
Alex Davies
Alex Davies 14 dagar sedan
Bernstein, you most DO have fans!
Catarina Scully
Catarina Scully 14 dagar sedan nice
Colette Garmer
Colette Garmer 14 dagar sedan
Nick, Nick, Nick. You obviously forgot to bring a mirror when you moved from NY. You ARE hot. Don't you dare cut your hair or straighten it again. All I have to say is "Nick Jonas who?" ❤️🥰. Definitely a fan.
E. 1981
E. 1981 14 dagar sedan
We are all your fans!!!
golden rule
golden rule 14 dagar sedan
Nick you do have Fan's, you have added a lot of fun to the show. I just love how you all cut on each other, 🤣😂 looking forward to time with you ALL again after summer break, stay safe & do something fun
sweiland75 14 dagar sedan
You think he has just one fan. LOL
mahalomomma Blais
mahalomomma Blais 14 dagar sedan
Who would have imagined how awesome a show could be just 'hanging with the crew.'. No audience necessary. And yes Nick, you do have fans; more and more every day... The Bern is contagious!
Mic August
Mic August 14 dagar sedan
You should have done a hair flip. Lol
Dominick Robinson
Dominick Robinson 14 dagar sedan
How long will the break be?
Annakari Cole
Annakari Cole 14 dagar sedan
Nick we are ALL your fans. LOL :) You are a lot of fun :)
#save_cameron_heern_pardoncameron 14 dagar sedan
The sentence is unfair for a boy under the age of 22 to be presented on a silver platter to murderers and thugs#Cameron Hearn
Kathy English
Kathy English 14 dagar sedan
Wrong, Nick. Senior, junior or only vice president of late night tv, west coast, I am your fan.
Cathrina Groiss
Cathrina Groiss 14 dagar sedan
I see what you did here... Nick had the best gag of the season in the last episode, so you turned the joke on him. Not nice. And he was still gracious and funny about it. Y'all don't deserve this cool boss dude
Waabagiizhigo Kwe
Waabagiizhigo Kwe 14 dagar sedan
Oh Nick, you have fans.
Eryka 14 dagar sedan
I prefer Susan
TheWeissrond 14 dagar sedan
Nick is one of the most likeable people I've ever seen on tele.
kodguerrero 14 dagar sedan
Nick! Nick! Nick! Nick! LOL He's loving it. Now do one for Susan!
SIYA THE DANCER 15 dagar sedan
Please interview bts
edreft 15 dagar sedan
aww Nick, we luv ya, no worries!
Precocious Eight
Precocious Eight 15 dagar sedan
You have fans at our house, and followers! 🙂
titisarah09 15 dagar sedan
He's such a big part of the show now I wouldn't b saprised if ppl will sometimes randomly Recognize him .
Mahavir Singh
Mahavir Singh 15 dagar sedan
Mahavir Singh
Mahavir Singh 15 dagar sedan
when will you interview bts for Permission to dance
Effna Cotton
Effna Cotton 15 dagar sedan
Imma fan girl…and part of the “community of youtubers” - nick & all the crew have made my many sleepless nights more tolerable. Nick Nick Nick 👍🏼
Alicia Rodriguez
Alicia Rodriguez 15 dagar sedan
I’m not a Nick fan, I’m a Nick STAN!!!
# ssg
# ssg 15 dagar sedan
These are the only fans NIck has. ON youtube Right!
sweiland75 15 dagar sedan
I thought he cut his hair.
땅콩오우예 15 dagar sedan
Hey James just let you know, Jimmy Fallon stole your baby mochi
Scott Jettón
Scott Jettón 15 dagar sedan
Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahaha... This is funny shit..
Hicks caporal
Hicks caporal 15 dagar sedan
As a member of the nbbfc (nick Bernstein belgian fan club) let me tell you you're wrong. You have fans all over the world 🌎 we just finished a zoom meeting with all the senior vice president of all the fan clubs and the conclusion was unanimous "we love you nick"
Luthien S
Luthien S 15 dagar sedan
Love you Nick. :) Bernstein.
Locke Lamorra
Locke Lamorra 15 dagar sedan
You fckn do have fans. Saved my ass so many times throughout this covid bullshit. Just saying.
David Connell
David Connell 15 dagar sedan
nick b is shmexoriffic
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